AdSense: Personal Performance Suggestions and New Text Ads Appearance

Google AdSense Nice LogoGoogle Adsense is probably the most usable and profitable ads platform by online business owners and in an effort to increase the profits of these businesses (well, and Google’s) in 2012, the popular advertising platform has announced on a couple of new updates and improvements.

First, AdSense will provide a much more more personal guidance for websites to increase their ad revenue by directly contacting the webmasters with tips and suggestions. Second, it will change the look of text ads (just a bit) on different devices (desktop and mobile) for better performances.

Personal Improvement Suggestions and Tips

After in 2011 the Google AdSense team has experienced successfully with contacting few webmasters directly with personal suggestions for optimizing their ads (allegedly 50% to 200% ad revenue increase), the team has announced it will begin to roll it out on a wider scale.

But don’t expect that your website will surely be reviewed and you will be contacted soon. I am guessing that only the biggest earners will be analyzed (at least at first) and only if the analysis will result fundamental improvement potential, the webmasters will be contacted.

In order to receive performance suggestions and tips (if your site will reviewed) to your email account in addition to the AdSense account, make sure that your email preferences allowing it: AdSense account -> Account settings -> Personal settings -> Check the “Customized help and performance suggestions” box and save.

Changing Text Ads Appearance

The AdSense team also introduced this week a slightly different look for the text ads for better performances in different platforms- Whether if they appear on a desktop computer, mobile phone or a tablet. The change will occur automatically and won’t require any further action from the webmaster.

With the new look, there will be fewer advertisements on each mobile text ad while the text’s size will grow a little bigger. Also, the “AdChoices” button on the right-bottom corner of the ad will also increase a bit. Here’s how text ads will appear on desktop, on tablet and on a smartphone:

AdSense Text Ads Change