How People Consume Media and How It Evolved In 2011

2011 was a year that the media consumption has changed, evolved and shifted more towards the web, social networking and mobile. As technology is developing and providing more possibilities, options and solutions, the consumers adopts different patterns for their media demands.

As online business owners, we must be with close supervision of the latest media adoption patterns so we could offer the best relevant experience and not stay behind. Nielsen released lately its report of the state of the media for 2011 where it is covering the recent consumer media usages of the passing year, so let’s learn a few things:

More Than 90 Sites and 800 Facebook Pages For Person Monthly
The average American has consumed in 2011 each month 2,905 web pages (97 each day) from 94 different websites (3.1 domains each day) and the incredible amount of 830 Facebook pages (nearly 28 each day).

Online Visits and Views

PC Still Dominates Social Media Consumption
97% of the social media users used their personal computer, while mobile is rising for social networking with 40% (37% mobile phone + 3% iPad). 3% have used gaming consoles for social networking.

Consumers Accessing Social Media

Traditional TV The Most Popular Channel To Consume Video
The old familiar traditional TV remained the top channel to watch videos (288 million viewers), more than all other channels combined- Internet (143 million viewers), time-shifted TV (111 million viewers) and mobile phones (30 million viewers).

How People Watch Video

YouTube Has Most Viewers, Netflix Most Time Spent
The top online destination by unique visitors is YouTube (126.5 million average monthly viewers), almost equal to all next four in line combined. However, Netflix is where consumers spent most time in (average of 10:01 minutes monthly per person), almost equal to all next four in line combined…

Top Online Video Destinations

Consumers Trust Mostly Other Consumers
When consumers are looking for information about service or product they are mostly trusting the opinions of other consumer ratings (63%) and reviews (62%). Half of the consumers are approaching the company’s website for product/service information.

Sources Of Information