The Ridiculous Case Of The Empty Website

Stupid WebmasterAs one that dealing constantly with the web, Google and online business owners i am exposed to many mistakes and errors webmasters are doing. Most of them can happen to almost any webmaster (for example, the How NOT To Play With Googlebot case), however ,in this post i want to talk about one of the most ridiculous cases i ever encountered with.

Empty Site Complaining Not Indexed By Google

Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Roundtable was first to caught the following story: Apparently, the webmaster of the site yadisrael(dot)org has published a post in Google Webmaster Central Help Forum complaining that his site has been banned from Google for the last two months and he is considering (!) going after Google’s offices to find some answers:

“After finding my website off Google index over the last 2 months, I have decided that a little one on one time is needed in the Google office”

However, when you enter his website, it is empty of any content! I don’t mean here low-quality content or even very thin content site, i mean literally empty! The site has only a WordPress template and almost nothing else (forgive me for not counting one post with two sentences). Take a look yourself:

Empty Website Screenshot

But the story doesn’t stop here… It seems that the webmaster also tried to apply his site for no less than Google News and when his request was declined (surprise!) he posted a similar complaint in Google News Help Forum! From what i have examined so far, it looks like the story is very much real and it isn’t a prank or neither a joke.

If the webmaster and his complaints are indeed genuine, it is pretty difficult to understand what he wants. What exactly is he expecting from Google to do with his site? Index and rank it? And applying for Google News? Did he really expected to be accepted? Are you kidding me?

Serious webmasters are spending a lot of time, efforts and resources to create the best contents as possible for their websites so they would rank high in Google results and to be accepted for Google News. I don’t know what this fellow was trying, but clearly it isn’t the way for anything.