Top 10 Google Blog Posts 2011 – 9/11, Google+ Introduction, Bing Copying Results and More

Google Official Blog LogoJust a few hours before 2011 has ended and 2012 began, Google has published a post in its official blog, summarizing the year of the blog itself with the most popular posts of the year and other interesting statistics that includes social media presence information of Google (On Twitter and Google+).

This year, Google’s official blog had 19.9 million unique visitors, down from 24.8 million in 2010 (decline of about 20%). However, 2010 April fools post withdrawn 10.6 million visitors alone, so if we exclude this post from the comparison, in 2011 the blog has enjoyed more than 40% traffic increase.

Most Popular Google Blog Posts of 2011:

  1. Ten Years Later (1.7 million views)- The post that marked 10 years to 9/11 and noted few online related destination.
  2. Introducing Google+ (0.9 million views)- Announcing on the launch of Google’s new social network, Google+.
  3. Microsoft’s Bing uses Google search results (0.53 million views)- An experiment that concluded that Bing is copying results from Google.
  4. Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility (0.43 million views)- The announcement of Motorola Mobility acquisition.
  5. Evolving the Google design (0.35 million views)- Introducing the new Google homepage appearance.
  6. More wood behind fewer arrows (0.31 million views)- Announcing on shutting down Google Labs.
  7. Advanced sign-in security for your Google account (0.28 million views)- Presenting 2-step sign in verification process option for accounts.
  8. Games in Google+ (0.26 million views)- Social games entering Google+.
  9. Finding more high-quality sites in search (0.25 million views)- Announcing on one of the major search algorithm updates of the recent years, Panda.
  10. Google+ Pages (0.23 million views)- Brand pages becoming available in Google+.

Google In The Social Media

Google has 22 different Google+ brand pages for its products and teams, while Google’s main brand page already has close to 100 thousands followers (in Circles). After Nearly 3 years in Twitter, Google now has more than 4 million followers on the micro-blogging social networking service.