After Supporting SOPA (and Withdrawing It), GoDaddy Stands In Front a Boycott

GoDaddy BoycottOne of the biggest domain registration and web hosting companies in the world, GoDaddy, got into some big troubles… The company has lost more than 72,000 domain registrations in the last few days, standing against a massive boycott and even got threatened by Anonymous after announcing it is in favor of the controversial SOPA (stop online piracy act) bill.

Supporting SOPA and Later Withdrawing Support

It all began when couple of months ago GoDaddy has publicly announced it supports the SOPA legislation. Since then, the company suffered from a huge amount of hit, which peaked recently with a mass abandonment of 72,000 domain registrations and many more have threatened to leave if the company won’t withdraw its support from the bill until the year ends.

After one of SOPA’s greatest opposes, Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales (that considering shutting down Wikipedia against SOPA), has announced in his Wikipedia talk page that all Wikipedia’s domains will move away from GoDaddy and even the hacker organization Anonymous declared war on GoDaddy (watch video at the bottom), the company has published a press release saying the company is no longer supports SOPA.

Just The Preview?

Although GoDaddy has withdrawn its official support in SOPA, the company didn’t announced it is opposing it (and refusing to do so). In fact, in the press release, the company is stating that it might support the bill in the future: “Go Daddy will support it when and if the Internet community supports it.” (Warren Adelman, GoDaddy’s CEO)

So it seems that GoDaddy just took one step back and although it probably won’t be one of the companies that stands in the front of supporting SOPA, it is still in favor of its legislation. Therefore, many people and organization are yet to call off the boycott against GoDaddy and what we saw so far might just be the preview of a much greater struggle in the near future- Many websites, blogs and people have declared December 29th as “Leave GoDaddy Day”…

Here is Anonymous threatening GoDaddy video: