AdWords Moving Conversion Optimizer and Enhanced CPC To “Optimize For Conversions”

Google AdWords Logo HDIf you are a regular PPC advertiser in Google AdWords you might be using its two tools, Conversion Optimizer and Enhanced CPC, for managing your campaigns. Lately, Google announced that These two tools will be migrated into the “Optimize for conversions” from “Optimize for clicks” ad settings, to improve campaigns performances.

Google are stating that from studies they have conducted, advertisers that already made the switch saw a 5 percent conversions increase averagely. I do recommend to try the new transition and i intend trying it myself as i have some experience with Enhanced CPC and see if indeed it will improve the campaigns effectiveness.

At any case, the transition will take place automatically on February 2012 for all the AdWords advertisers who uses these tools. If you do not want switching to “Optimize for conversions” and staying in “Optimize for clicks”, you need to fill out this form by January 31st 2012, so you won’t automatically transit.

What Is Conversion Optimizer?

Conversion Optimizer is a tool that using the advertiser conversion tracking data to improve the campaign effectiveness and requires at least 15 conversions in the last 30 days. The logic is pretty simple: After the advertiser is choosing his bid (recommended or custom), the tool is bidding with max CPA (cost per acquisition) and not with max CPC (cost per click).

For more information about Conversion Optimizer you can watch the following video:

What Is Enhanced CPC?

Enhanced CPC is a tool that automatically change the advertiser bid, according to the specific keywords typed in the search engine, based on the system estimation of how it will convert. Meaning, raising the bid in more relevant search queries and lowering the bid in less relevant search queries.

For more information about Enhanced CPC you can watch the following video: