Facebook Subscribe Button For Websites Is Now Live

When i reported yesterday that Facebook’s VP Joanna Shields announced the day before that the social network will launch a Subscribe button for websites soon, i didn’t thought it would be so soon… But now, it is official- Webmasters can add the Subscribe button to their websites!

Yesterday evening Facebook’s engineer, Stoyan Stefanov, has introduced the new one-click subscription button for external sites. Currently, the button is still only available for personal profiles and not for pages, which i hope will change soon enough so businesses could also benefit from it.

The Subscribe button for websites is already available on many high reputable and authortative websites online like Forbes, Times, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post and MSNBC. Here’s an example of the Subscription button of Victoria Barret from Forbes on their site:

Facebook Subscribe Button For Websites Example

As for the current situation, i suggest home-based workers that wants to reinforce their personal author Facebook profile to begin adding the button to their site’s pages. All you other business owners, you’ll have to stay patience until Facebook will enable subscription for Facebook pages as well.

How To Add The Button?

  • Enter the Subscribe Button social plugin page.
  • Choose your button preferences- Profile URL, layout, color, font, width and click on “Get Code”.
  • You have 3 code options: HTML5 (mostly recommended), XFBML (Javascript, not recommended) and iframe (recommended for ones who aren’t willing to engage with HTML5 yet).
  • Copy the chosen code to where you want it to appear on your site. That’s it!

Here’s an example on how it suppose to appear (iframe):