What Mobile Advertising Ways Are There In YouTube?

More and more people are watching online videos with their mobile devices every day and advertisers look for ways to infiltrate this rapidly growing audience. And what better way there is, than to advertise on the biggest video site online, YouTube? But what ways are there for mobile advertising on YouTube?

For our help (well, and for YouTube benefit also), a new post has been published, describing what mobile advertising ways there are on YouTube. It begins by revealing few interesting mobile statistics- There are 400+ million views every day on YouTube from mobile devices and the number of mobile searches has grown five times more in the last couple of years. After the stats, mobile advertising ways on YouTube are explained:

Mobile Promoted Video Ads

The same logic behind desktop promoted video ads- The advertiser is paying for the privilege to jump to the top of the YouTube’s search results in certain chosen keywords (as in the photo below) and pay only whenever the viewer actually watch the video. Note that in AdWords campaigns the option “all devices” (including mobile) is the default one.

Mobile Promoted Video Ad

Mobile In-Stream Ads

This is a short advertisement clip (15 seconds) that plays right before the actual video begins. Available in YouTube mobile site (m.youtube.com) and also in YouTube mobile apps. The advertiser is paying whenever the viewer has watched the full advertisement clip.

Mobile In-Stream Ad

Mobile Roadblocks Ad

Advertising directly in the top of YouTube mobile pages (including the homepage). This is the most expensive ad, as it receives incredible amount of exposure. Here is an example of Adidas roadblocks ad on YouTube mobile homepage:

Mobile Roadblocks Ad

Customized Mobile Brand Channels

The option to create an optimized customization mobile brand channel that includes background image, gadgets and banners (clickable). Here is an example of AdBlitz mobile channel:

Mobile Brand Channel Ad

For more details about mobile advertising in YouTube and for the full specification and terms of each ad you can visit this dedicated section of YouTube Mobile Advertising. In addition, you can watch this video to understand more why your brand should go mobile: