Google Launches “Think Insights” – Marketing Research Data Site

Think Insights LogoGoogle announced on launching a new website that dedicated to provide marketers the latest insights, analysis and research called Think Insights. The website is already fulled with reports, videos, photos, infographics and tools, and it can constitute as a great information source for anyone serious who work at home.

To handle with the overwhelming amount of data, let me describe you briefly what you can be found on this site. It is divided for five sections and although some of them share the same characteristics they still helps the site’s browsing and content discovery. It also has an excellent search engine (not surprising) and from the few searches i made, it offered great results and search appearance (with photos and videos).

Think Insights Sections:

Latest Insights- Here you can find short (interactive) insights, analysis and videos. At the moment there are 12 different topic insights in the archive.

Research Library- If you are an enthusiastic researches fan (like me), this section is really the jackpot for you. It has a tremendous amount of studies, videos, infographics and more filtered by industry, platform, audience or objective.

Planning Tools- As for the moment, i didn’t find any new tools here, just the old familiar ones like Google Keyword Tool, AdPlanner, Trends and the new concept Search Ads so this is more of a Google tools portal.

Facts And Stats- Find here very short (one line short) stats about your chosen industry/platform/audience/objective (stats taken from the Research Library).

Thinking Ahead- Here you supposedly could find new future services, visionary views and interviews. Right now, there is only one article (about new “push shopping” services) in this section.

Overall Impression Of The Site

The site seems like another great resource to find good marketing information, analysis and insights to improve our work at home. I will surly keep following it and update whenever a good productive study or tool has been published.

Think Insights Latest Insights
Taken From “Latest Insights” In Think Insights