oDesk: Earnings Record In October, Predicts $1 Billion Industry’s Worth In 2012

One of the biggest work at home freelance marketplaces on the web, oDesk, has released a press release yesterday, announcing that the online outsource workplace website has earned for contractors an all time record in October and it is predicting just to keep growing…

All Time Monthly Records

The company reported a growing rate of 90% compared to 2010, where contractors (freelancers) earned a monthly record of $22.3 million on the website. Additionally, contractors received 2.1 million work hours (another record) through the site and businesses have posted new 109,718 online jobs to the marketplace.

oDesk is also claiming that the company is on its path to hold more than 50% of the freelance market share and that it is going to grow bigger than all other online jobs marketplaces together, by the end of this year. oDesk is forecasting that the online workforce market will reach $1 billion in 2012!

Gary Swart, oDesk CEO, is stating that he is happy that lots of freelance contractors approach the web for work during these difficult financial days: “I am delighted to see so many capable professionals turn to the Internet and online work…”

oDesk Success Story

In the press release, oDesk also described the success story of a Texan web developer, Joshua Warren, who built his online business using oDesk. He first begun working for $15 per hour and quickly progressed gradually to $85 per hour while still receiving many work offers.

Eventually, when his online business was big enough, he had to outsource his own employees himself, so he is now outsourcing his own accountant, assistants and developers. He is intending to earn $1 million in 2012…

I hope that this story inspire you because the internet does provide great opportunities and oDesk and other freelance marketplaces can surly be a great place to begin!

Watch this (animated) tour for more information about oDesk: