Cybercrime Is Rising In 2011 (Report)

Cybercrime ComicThe internet security company, Symantec, has released its 2011 cybercrime report with some truly incredible findings about the rising online crime in the last year. The company surveyed nearly to 20,000 people (including 8-17 years of age children) from 24 countries around the world.

The Cybercrime In Numbers

There are 1 million cybercrime victims in average every day (50,000 every hour, 820 every minute, 14 every second). Almost 70% of all adults have experienced with cybercrime, 3% rise from last year. 589 million people(9% of the entire world population) have been affected by cybercrime, 431 million as direct victims.

The most common cybercrimes are computer viruses and malware (54% of worldwide crimes). Scams are the second most common crime far behind with 11% and phishing is close after with 10%. For the first year, cybercrime has been reported on mobile phones- 10% of adults experienced it.

The cybercrime (estimated) cost in 2011 was $388 billion ($274 billion lost time evaluation+113 billion direct cash costs). Almost 40% of victims stated that time lost was their biggest problem. Although 87% of the respondents said internet security software is important, only 41% have an updated one.

Risky Behavior Patters

Interesting stats for people who work from home- 79% of people who are working 49+ hours a week online have been cybercrime victims. 75% of people who are working 25-48 hours a week online have been cybercrime victims. 64% of people who are working 1-24 hours a week online have been cybercrime victims.

Risky habits on the internet- 80% of adults who watched adult materials suffered from cybercrime, while 67% who didn’t watched suffered from cybercrime. 77% of people who were using free WiFi suffered from cybercrime, while 62% who don’t suffered from it.

Apparently, there is a correlation between lying and being a cybercrime victim that points on a risky behavior pattern- Almost 80% of people who lied about their details have been cybercrime victims, while 59% of people who didn’t lie have been victims.

Cybercrime – Makes Angry, Upset and Unsafe

68% of the cybercrime victims felt as angry as they were attacked in the physical world. 67% of the cybercrime victims felt as upsetting in the physical world. 74% of adults said that cybercrime should always take under consideration when online. Only 35% of people feel safe online, that’s a 4% drop from last year.

Cybercrime Victims In Numbers
Taken From Symantec Report