The Best Workplaces In The World For 2011 (Survey)

The global research and consulting firm, Great Place To Work, has released during the weekend its survey results, that ranks the top 25 global workplaces out of 350 potentially international companies.

Top 25 International Companies To Work For
Top 25 International Companies To Work For

The Results

Microsoft ranked as the best place to work in 2011, before SAS which was second and NetApp which was third. Google, in spite of its famous work conditions and complexes, ranked only fourth. Next in line are FedEx Express, Cisco, Marriott, McDonald’s (thanks to its unemployment plan in the U.K.), Kimberly-Clark and SC Johnson closing the top 10 (full list at the bottom).

All top 10 companies comes from the USA and non of the top 25 are from Asia. One of the rank’s parameters was the rate of women hired as managers. For instance, 31% of the managers in SAS are women, in NetApp its 23% and in Cisco its 16%.

Among other parameters are the trust relations between the management and the employees, job pride of the employees, credibility, respect, fairness and the comradeship between the people. The survey examined 2 million employees from 45 countries in 5,500 companies.


The companies qualifications just to be take into consideration are pretty high:

  • Appearing in at least 5 national best workplaces lists.
  • Having at least 5,000 global employees.
  • 40% of the workforce by the least, must work outside the home country.

To learn more about the survey you can watch this video:

Here’s the full list of the best workplaces in the world:

  1. Microsoft
  2. SAS
  3. NetApp
  4. Google
  5. FedEx Express
  6. Cisco
  7. Marriott
  8. McDonald’s
  9. Kimberly-Clark
  10. SC Johnson
  11. Diageo
  12. American Express
  13. Medtronic
  14. Intel
  15. Hilti
  16. 3M
  17. Telefonica
  18. National Instruments
  19. Mars
  20. Accenture
  21. Roche
  22. Novo Nordisk
  23. The Coca-Cola Company
  24. Atento
  25. Quintiles