How Our Life Would Look Like In The Future? (Microsoft’s Vision Video)

Once every year or so, Microsoft is releasing a few minutes length video that suppose to illustrate how our lives and daily routines would look like in the future, based on the technologies that are in development today or exist in their preliminaries stages.

The new video that has been created by the research team of Office, follows the different ways we would communicate, share information and work together in the future digital world, which will provide us real time technological support and solutions according to our preferences, habits and intentions.

What is interesting to know is that all the technologies in the video already exist (mostly in their early phases) and in development by Microsoft or other companies and it reflects Microsoft’s futuristic living vision at home and in the workplace.

It made me thinking, how will the work from home would look like in the future, or better yet, how can we use it to work from home? Think about it while you watch. Here is the Productivity Future Vision video by Microsoft for 2011: