Microsoft Deal With Mozilla – Can Firefox Save Bing?

Bing-Firefox DealMicrosoft’s efforts to take some of the search engine market share from Google are escalating- The company announced on a deal with one of its web browsers rivals, Firefox, and invites the users to download Firefox with Bing (Bing as the default search engine).

One Step Backward, Two Steps Forward?

The collaboration between Microsoft and Mozilla started about a year ago, when Bing appeared in Firefox as one of the search engines to choose from (however, not the default one). Now, with the Bing-dedicated version of Firefox, it will become also the default one for “Bing enthusiasts” (??) as Microsoft calls it…

All you “Googlers” out there, there’s no reason to panic (yet)- At the Firefox version to download from the official Mozilla site, Google is still the default search engine and if it will stay like this, i can’t see how this move can make a significant change.

However, this move proves how much Microsoft is willing to go for some search engine market share, even if it means on the expense of losing a little in the web browsers wars with another Microsoft’s product, Internet Explorer.

Firefox To The Rescue (Of Bing)

As i said before, right now it doesn’t seems that this move will make much difference in the search engines battle, but very soon the deal between Mozilla and Google will be over and if it won’t be extended and Bing will become the default search engine in Firefox, we might see Bing crumbling the Google monopoly…

So, can really Firefox save Bing? With the so many negative reactions to the latest Panda updates by Google, who knows, it just might…

On the meantime, you can watch this video why Firefox is “A Different Kind of Browser”: