Google’s Premier SMB Partner Program – Connecting Small Businesses and Advertising Experts

Premier SMB Partner Program LogoGoogle just launched a new program that connects small businesses that wants an advertising expert support and advertising/marketing companies (premier partners) that can deliver these kind of services. The program is under Google AdWords and it is called Premier SMB Partner Program.

If you are an online business owner that look for some expert assistance for your advertising campaigns or if you own an advertising/marketing company of some sort and you seek opportunities to expand , this can be a great work from home opportunity for you!

For Small Business Advertisers

The program is designated for small businesses who want to optimize their advertising campaigns on Google AdWords while cutting the costs when connecting with a premier partner from the program who is an AdWords expert, in supposedly affordable prices.

The premier partner provides his AdWords expertise in campaign management, detailed reporting, products, customer/marketing guidance and support to maintain and optimize the small business advertising campaign performances.

To join the program, please visit Premier SMB Partner Program For Advertisers.

For Premier SMB Partners

Only limited number of advertising/marketing companies are eventually being accepted as Premier SMB Partners and the requirements are pretty stiff:

  • Already existing customer base of small and medium businesses.
  • Sales force that familiar and able to sell with Google’s advertising products.
  • Customer support via email/phone.
  • Logistic infrastructure for billing and reporting.
  • Successfully passing training and testing by Google.

Although the requirements are demanding, the program can boost the company’s customer base and reputation. To apply, please visit Premier SMB Partner Program For Partners.

For more information about Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner Program, you can watch this short video: