Twitter Experimenting a New Expanded Timeline

It seems that Twitter is experimenting with some changes to its News Feed/Timeline (however you want to call it)- There are many reports on the web with photos and even a video (watch at the bottom) that capturing these experiments on just a few selected user accounts, Here’s an example of a photo that running around:

Twitter Expanded Tweet With Photo

This is a photo of an expandable Tweet straight from the Timeline. Apparently, once hovering a certain Tweet, the star, the Retweet and the replay buttons are being showed on the top right corner of the Tweet itself and if there’s a media attached to it, the user can open it and see it directly inside the Tweet.

Additionally, if a Tweet has replies or Retweets, the user can open it and watch them all together when it is expanded, like in this example:

Twitter Expanded Tweet With Retweets

Although the changes aren’t so drastic, i am assuming that Twitter is trying to follow the steps of the new Facebook News Feed that encourages further engagement by easing and simplifying the browsing experience through the micro-blogging social network.

I am still trying to figure out how these expanded Tweets will integrated with the new Twitter design (that just became the default 3 months ago) while They are devaluing its necessity. Also, i am assuming that just like on the new Facebook News Feed, the experimental Timeline will challenge us as marketers to create more engaging content…

Anyway, here’s a video capturing the News Feed/Timeline experiment: