“Bid Per Call” In Google AdWords

As the mobile phones industry has grown over the last few years, the significance of phone numbers in ads has also grown, regardless to the device it was shown on. From the next few weeks, Google announced, advertisers will be able to bid for phone calls (bid-per-call) in Google AdWords to compete on better positions more accurately whenever intending to post phone number.

Phone Number In AdWords Ad
Phone Number In AdWords Ad

The bid-per-call will be integrated as a factor into the Ad Rank as it would be possible to bid on the phone number separately from the clicks bidding and it will be calculated as “phone call Quality Score”. Don’t confuse this new feature with the Click-To-Call metric for mobile devices that been introduced two weeks ago.

In order to use the new bid-per-call, advertisers needs to set up a Google forwarding number that will enable the AdWords system to track phone calls and to receive reports of phone calls time, duration, the call’s area and phone-through rate (PTR).

Supposedly, advertisers that won’t participate in the bid-per-call program will not be discriminated, however, AdWords its a service that relying and benefits with the highest bidders so i don’t know how this policy could be implemented effectively. I suspect that advertising without bid-per-call will slightly get downgraded whenever competing with others who will bid for calls.

Although the new bid-per-call feature didn’t get much publicity so far, it can really improve the advertising experience of both the users and the advertisers. If your work from home business includes call center of some sort, it can boost your phone sales significantly.