Social Media Goals, Success Factors and The Top Facebook Brands

One of the leading SEM and SEO agencies in the world, Covario, has released a presentation for brand advertisers about social media practices. Additionally, it ranked the top brands on Facebook. Let’s review its main key points:

Top Active Users Social Network

It isn’t a surprise that Facebook is the most popular social network with 800 million registered users, but it is also the social network with the highest rate of active users (Users that visits the platform at least 4 times each week).

About 50% of Facebook’s users are active, more than the 40% of Twitter (out of the 245 million registered users) and LinkedIn (out of the 120 million registered users).

Social Networks Active and Registered Users

Social Media (Marketing) Goals

Covario had surveys in a recent webinar what are the people’s and organization’s goals on the social media. The first (and not surprising) goal with 35% of the votes was driving sales, second was driving engagement (24%) and very close in third place driving brand awareness (23%).

Social Media Goals

Social Media Key Factors For Success

Covario built a model to evaluate the success of brands in the social media. The model is divided to four factors, each one with its own relative effectiveness weight:

  • Reach (40%)- The number of brand’s followers and their growth rate.
  • Engagement (30%)- Posts, “Likes”, comments and applications.
  • Technical (20%)- Mostly SEO stuff such as title and description.
  • Reputation (10%)- Number of negative pages on the social media.

Social Marketing Key Factors For Success

Top 100 Brands On Facebook

Based on the model, the top 100 brands on Facebook were ranked. The winner was Coca-Cola, although it had the lowest rate of technical structure among the top 25 brands. Here are the top 25 brands on Facebook:

Top Facebook Brands