Bing Is Now Completely Powering Yahoo Search Worldwide (Except Korea)

After almost two years (20 months), Bing is now powering completely all of Yahoo’s search all over the world, in mobile and desktop! The only exception is Korea which is a little more complicated to integrate, but it forecast to end also in the next couple of months.

Yahoo’s vice president of search engineering, Kartik Ramakrishnan, has announced that the transition had completed in Yahoo’s official search blog and elaborated on the “Bing taking over” process and challenges:

–  Web, image and video data from 40+ different markets (countries) had to be transferred from Yahoo to Bing.

–  Additionally, there was much more data from Yahoo’s partners to be transferred.

–  There were quality gaps between Bing and Yahoo to close and to improve.

–  Comprehensive markets analysis have been conducted to ensure all the unique Yahoo search experience elements would be integrated and developed.

–  Combining Bing and Yahoo stats in Bing Webmaster Center while still supporting Yahoo Site Explorer (which sets to be shut down soon).

–  Confirming Bing’s data centers would handle the transition.

–  Testing and comparing the search experience from the new Bing-Yahoo search to the old one, in the major markets.

–  Establishing a new unique support and customer care processes through different companies policy.

While overcoming all these challenges, the big challenge is still at large- Breaking the Google monopoly! Until now and according to the latest search engine market share stats (September 2011), The Bing-Yahoo search alliance share is still very far away from Google’s share…