Facebook Advertising – Target Your Audience

Facebook Targeted AdvertisingFew years ago, almost any work at home business owners who wanted to advertise online did it on Google. Today, although Google remained the top ad selling revenue company on the web, there is another possibility, some say even better- Advertising on Facebook.

The reason i am discussing today on Facebook advertising is not because of its 800+ million users and not because it is the second most popular website online. I want to discuss it because of two reasons:

1.  Because it has a great advertise targeting mechanism that enables to find the exact required audience for your ad, from the 800 million users (and even show you for how much it will be relevant).

2.  Because the simple fact that Facebook is a social network where the users are sharing their personal details, it offers a great targeting opportunity that you may not somewhere else. Google also recognize that fact and this is why its integrating its own social network Google+ in all of its products.

I am not claiming here that advertising on Facebook is a better option than other advertising platforms like AdWords or adCenter, but i do want to point it out and emphasis its strong benefits. And the strongest benefits of advertising on Facebook is its targeting possibilities.

Facebook Targeting Possibilities

Location- Target the geographic location where to advertise: Country, state, province, city or Zip code.

Demographic- Choose your designated age group and sex.

Connections on Facebook- Target your ad to fans/not fans and/or people that are connected to certain page/event/app.

Education and Work- Targeting based on education (Students/College graduate/high school) and/or a specific workplace.

Interest- This is the most unique targeting possibility and i want to expand a little more about it. With this option, you can really find the right people that matches to your required crowd. You can customize it with the old familiar keywords (Precise Interests) or with broad category targeting, Here are couple of examples of the categories:

Special Events:

Targeting Events On Facebook

Advanced Family Status:

Targeting Advanced Family Status

More broad targeting categories based on interests: Activities, business, interests, mobile, shopping and sports.

Final Thoughts

Advertising on Facebook may offer better targeting possibilities and in a cheaper price (at the moment) than in other places. If you are planning to advertise your online business, i think that Facebook should be one of the first places to explore.