Google Introduces Dart To Replace JavaScript

The Dart Language LogoWeb programmers, get ready for a new online script language! Google has presented a new web coding language called Dart that intended to replace the old (and bit problematic) JavaScript code- It suppose to be faster, smoother and more secured.

Google are stating very clearly what are Dart’s goals:

1.  A new better web programming language, that could be updated and adoptive.
2.  Written similarly to existing languages, so web programmers can learn it fast and easily.
3.  The language will deliver high performances for all web browsers and devices (PCs, tablets, phones, etc).

Dart is an open source language and it still on its early development stages. If you want to test and learn about it, you can visit (by Google) where you can find tools and guides for it. Google encourage developers and programmers to take a part in its development by providing reviews and feedback on the site.

Currently, the different web browsers still don’t support this language but Google promising that they plan to explore it on Chrome soon. To execute the dart code now, there is a necessity for a program (Compiler) to transform it into a JavaScript code, which will surely slow it down.

Future Implications Assumptions

After more than 16 years, search engines still didn’t manage to read completely the JavaScript code. Additionally, it is suffering from long-time criticism of being relatively slow and unsecured. Instead of trying to improve it, Google went for a different direction- Create a whole new code (however similar) to replace it.

I am pretty positive that it will stick and serve as the future default web language alongside HTML5. I do not expect however the transition will occur in the next 1-2 years, it will take more time and development until it will be fully ready and adopt by the web.