Google Offers Personalizing The Users Deals

As the daily deal industry grows, this arena become more competitive as the different players throws new products and features. This time its Google Offers: The daily deals service is now providing a new signing up process where the users personalize their deals.

Personalizing Google Offers Deals

3 Steps Of Going Personal

In an effort to put some order and more relevancy for the users, Offers started to personalize the users deals. Upon subscribing, the user is taken for a 3 steps signing up process to identify the best relevant deals for him:

Step One, “What do you like?”- The user can mark/unmark deals from 24 different possibilities in 5 categories like Arts & culture, Recreation, Groceries, Fitness and Creative services.

Step Two, “Where do you hang out?”- The user is choosing the geographic location in which he wants to receive offers. He can do it by choosing a whole city (where the service available) or by indicating on Google Maps where he lives, works and hangout.

Step Three, “Check we got it right”- Up to 6 sample offers are presented for the user, so he can understand what deals to expect and change his setting if needed.


Overall, i would say that Offers is implementing the necessary decision of making the deals more personalized so the users won’t get lost in too many irrelevant deals/offers, which already drawn lots of criticism over the whole industry.

Additionally, Offers is trying ride on the momentum wave of the daily deals industry in general, that just last month has grown by 12%, and also to ride specifically on its own enormous growth rate of 236% in September. As i mention in the past, i believe we are heading into a trio daily deals race included Groupon, LivingSocial and Offers.

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