Steve Jobs Life History Infographic Tribute

Steve Jobs affected billions of people all around the world, even if they didn’t knew who he was. Over the last four decades there were so many life-changing products with his name behind them, that its pretty difficult to say how would the world look like today without them…

The Ultimate Entrepreneur

With his death, something else in the world faded away, some say almost completely- A unique innovative entrepreneurship perspective that there isn’t anything that is really impossible… However, in his life he revived, inspired, encouraged and motivated many of us to continue his way. Now, it is our responsibility to adopt and live this perspective ourselves.

Steve Jobs held few characteristics that made him such a technological guru: First, He was a visionary man that always thought about inventing, renewing and improving our way of life with innovative (imaginary at that time) products. Second, he was very practical- He knew how to implement his visions into real products. Third, he was a great marketing man and every performance he made was a sight to see.

Steve Jobs Life Infographic

As a tribute to Steve Jobs and his contributions over the years, i decided to end the week with a quick overview of his life history with a great infographic i found:



Steve Jobs Infographic