Implications Of The New Facebook Changes On Business Pages

It isn’t a secret that Facebook made some significant changes in the last few months (more or less since Google+ was launched) and many people who work at home are still trying to understand how all those changes will affect their online business pages on the social network.

In this post i would like to discuss how the latest changes and updates will affect brand pages and how can we work with them, for better online marketing in one of the biggest (potentially) social traffic sources of the web.

The Changes And Their Implications:

The Updated News Feed The News Feed structure has changed and it is now showing more posts with high users engagement instead of just published posts in chronological order. It is more important now to create engaging contents so the users will be more involved and the posts will climb the News Feed.

Friends Ticker- From what i am hearing so far, looking at the new friends Ticker is pretty addictive for many users. Therefore, it is important to understand when to market, so as much friends will be connected at the moment. Again, it is important to create engaging contents for second and third waves of friends activity.

Friend Lists As for the moment, it doesn’t seem that the new lists are gaining momentum and people are still sticking with their default option. There might be implications for it in the future, if the situation will change.

The Subscribe Button Currently, people can subscribe only for profiles and not for pages. It can only affect and increase the exposure of businesses with a known human presenter that will be the “face of the brand”.

Sponsored Stories- A new efficient advertising platform that offers to promote stories (posts) to the friends of our friends that “Like” our page or posts. Suitable for brand pages that already have many “Likes”.


The general concept of marketing on the “new” Facebook is engagement. The more engaging contents we create, the more effective and productive our campaign will be.