Google Trusted Stores – eCommerce Certifications And Ratings

Google Trusted StoresGoogle is launching a new program of certification and rating eCommerce websites called Trusted Stores. It designated to offer the users better shopping experience by showing a special badge on the merchant sites that Google has trust in.

Only eCommerce websites with highly reliable customer service, that tracks the shipping time and have a history of resolving quickly customers problems and willing to share this information with the new program can be accepted as a “Trusted Store”.

The Badge

The Trusted Stores badge will appear at online businesses that have been accepted to the program and will be located at the bottom right corner of the site’s page. Whenever the users will hover over it with the mouse it will expand to show more details and grades about the shipping and the service as presented in the following example:

Trusted Stores Badge

Google also intend to assist resolving consumers complaints: It will work with the consumer and with the online merchant to fix the issue. Even more interesting (and pretty bold), Google is offering a $1,000 purchase protection in benefits for each costumer.

Google’s Upsides

I don’t think that Google has a direct benefit or profit from this program. However, it has many indirect benefits. Here are just few assumptions of mine:

1.  It will give consumers more confidence in shopping online (where today many still have concerns and worries) and many products of Google will profit from it- Product Search, Offers, Catalogs and more.

2.  It will encourage the usage of Google’s new interesting payment product, Wallet.

3.  It will attract more advertisers to AdWords if and when it will be integrated with (and it probably will).

How To Apply For Trusted Stores?

If you are a work from home online merchant and you want to apply for this program enter this Become a Google Trusted Store page.


Watch this video about Google Trusted Stores for more details: