Google Webmaster Tools Homepage Now With “Site Health”

Google is improving the efficiency of Google Webmaster Tools and adding “Site Health” to the Webmaster Tools homepage- A general overview of your website(s) important health issues without the necessity to enter each one separately. Here is an example how the new Webmaster Tools homepage looks like:

Google Webmaster Tools Homepage With Site Health
Google Webmaster Tools Homepage With Site Health

Whenever there are site’s health problems, they will appear right next to the website’s thumbnail image, as seen in the image above. “Site Health” can be really productive and a time saver for people with multiple websites- They could see the general status of all their websites on one page.

What Will Be Reported On Site Health?

Google has announced that Site Health will be focused on 3 issues at the moment (more to come in the future):

1.  Malware on the site.

2.  When important pages (the ones who get most clicks) have been removed through the URL removal tool of Google.

3.  When important pages have been blocked through the robots.txt file.

Additionally, just recently i have discovered that Site Health also reports whenever there is a need to update a WordPress blog version, so i guess that more reporting issues are being tested and experimented.


–  There isn’t a substitute for the webmaster own judgement and knowledge for what is healthy or not fir his websites (as Google also stating).

–  When some site health issue has been reported and the webmaster fixed it, it may takes several days until Google crawls the website again and it will disappeared from the Webmaster Tools account.