Google Analytics Presents Paid Premium Service And Real Time Reports

Google Analytics LogoAn inseparable part of running an online business is measuring and analyzing our traffic stats. Google Analytics, probably the main site’s analysis product, has just came out with two announcements: New paid premium service for large customers and real time reports.

Google Analytics Premium

The Google Analytics team has introduced a new paid Google Analytics Premium service for large clients with high traffic sites. The new service is set to provide more dedicated support and a higher level of data collection accuracy and it isn’t about new features.

The new premium service can track billions of hits every month (instead of up to 10 million for the standard service), offer 24/7 support and a bit more advanced tools- 50 custom variables (Instead of 5) and unsampled reports to download. The familiar standard interface remained mostly unchanged.


–  99.9% data collection.
–  99% up time reporting.
–  98% data processing freshness up to 4 hours.
–  Compensate if don’t deliver.

Who should use Google Analytics Premium? Only major online businesses that generates more than a billion page views each month (which probably already use other paid service). The price rounds about $150,000 for a year.

Here’s a Google Analytics Premium introduction video released by Google:

Real Time Reports

Google Analytics team presented new interesting feature- Real Time Reports that shows what’s happening on the site at the current moment. This new feature will be available to all users within few weeks in the new Analytics interface.

Real Time Reports can be extremely useful to monitor marketing campaigns- For measuring how effective is a social link posting, ads or any other source. It can also be used to follow users behavior- Which pages are more engaging and attracting visitors than others.

This is (potentially) a great productive tool that can produce many insights to improve the online business. As stated, it will be available in a couple of weeks, but if you eager to start already, you can sign up in for early access.

Google Analytics Real Time