Modern Criminals: Burglars Are Using Social Networks To Rob Houses

It isn’t new that social networking sites is growing fast and taking an integral active part of many lives, but you probably won’t be happy to know that the social media is also being used by marginal (criminal) groups in society- Burglars!

A survey conducted by Friedland Security and reported by Sky News, among 50 convicted burglars shows that 75% of the burglars are using social networks like Facebook and Twitter for their criminal plans and also other online services like Google Street View.

Apparently, the burglars are taking advantage of status updates and/or Tweets that suggesting people are out of their houses as an “open invitation” to commit their crimes.

But it isn’t the first case reported that burglars are using social networks- About a Year ago, 50 burglars from New Hampshire, were suspected of using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and also location-based networks like Gowalla and Foursquare to rob homes.

At least in this case, I guess that working at home is making it a little safer, but when you do get out of your house, it might be better for you to think twice before updating your status on the social media!


Watch the New Hampshire social networking burglars report in this Fox News video: