Why People Unsubscribe From Social Networks Brand Pages?

In times where more than 65% of all adult internet users are using social networks (Who’s Using Social Networks?), as online business owners we must focus our marketing efforts on bringing new fans and followers while, equally important, keep our current ones.

But how can we keep our current fans and followers? This is where a recent DDB/OpinionWay international survey get in the picture… The survey has examined the reasons why people unsubscribing from Facebook brand pages they follow, among 610 participants worldwide. Here are survey results:

Reasons For Unsubscribing From Brand Pages

Reasons For Unsubscribing From Brand Pages

The Brand Was No Longer Of Interest To Me (49%)
The number one reason people “abandon” brand pages is because, simply put, it got boring… It appears that “suddenly”, the users understand that the brand have nothing more to offer.

The Information Available Was Not Interesting (46%)
Very similar to the prior reason, but instead lack of interest with the brand itself, it is a lack of interest with his social posting.

Information Was Published Too Often (36%)
I already mentioned it before and i will say it again- Don’t overwhelm your fans! Sometimes, marketers get too enthusiastic and they submit just too many posts so it become annoying.

The Brand Published Information I Did Not Appreciate (27%)
“Did not appreciate” content can mean lots of things- Political view, offensive post, wrong analysis and more. Avoiding these kind of posts can keep many fans, still fans.

Information Was Not Published Often Enough (14%)
On the contrary to “published too often”, there is of course “not published often enough”- Neglecting your fans on social networks can lead them to leave your brand page.


Marketing in the social media while working from home should contain deep thinking on your posting- Is it interesting enough? Is it engaging enough? Would some fans find it unappreciated? Am i posting too/less often?

Don’t take your fans for granted and they will return you a favor- If its recommending your contents to others or engaging with your content themselves.