New On Facebook: Public Updates To Tweets

Facebook to TwitterIt seems that Facebook is doing everything it possibly can in the last couple of months to make the users think twice before defecting to other social networks, especially to Google+. But now, Facebook is doing the (almost) unthinkable and combine forces with Twitter.

Tweet Me (From Facebook)

As part of the new subscribe button addition, Facebook now making it possible for page owners to connect their page with their Twitter account and whenever they will post public update (only public), it will also appear as Tweet on Twitter.

This upgrade is mentioned on the following subscribe button document, at his ending (FAQ number 14). At the moment only pages can be connected to Twitter, but “soon” (according to the document) it will be possible to also connect profiles. To do it, simply go to this Facebook to Twitter linking page.

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend?

It looks like Google+ managed to threaten Facebook just enough to Make Facebook join forces with another major social networking player, Twitter. Apparently, The (future) competition with Google+ minimized the competition with Twitter to a level of collaboration against the common enemy…

At any case, it provide some convenience advantage to Facebook, that until now we needed to use 3rd party applications to post at several social networks simultaneously. And where is Google+? After all the recent updates, changes and upgrades from Facebook we haven’t seen an answer yet, but we can never know what the fellows at Google are cooking…