Edit Your Existing Videos Directly On YouTube

The most popular video site YouTube introduced this week few significant changes to its online editing program- The users will have more editorial options and effects for existing videos, while keeping the original view count, comments and URL.

Keeping The Video ID Conditions

The new editor will allow the users to edit their already uploaded videos without changing its ID, meaning the video URL will not change and all its info (Views, comments) will be saved. But before you start editing and changing your videos, there are two conditions to keep the original video ID:

1.  The video needs to have less than 1,000 views.
2.  Only original videos without 3rd party contents.

These two conditions are designated to keep popular videos (more than 1,000 views) as they were and not violating the rights of the original owners by changing their video contents.

What Can Be Edited?

To edit a video you need to be logged into your YouTube account, enter the video page you want to change and click on the “Edit video” button (see photo).

The YouTube video editor isn’t intended to replace professional editing programs, its purpose is to give the users fast, easy and convenient editing possibilities like stabilizing, rotating, contrasting and coloring. There are also some more advanced effects to add like black and white, thermal or cartoon view.

You can watch this video for more information about editing videos with YouTube: