Bing New Adaptive Search – More Personalized Results

Whenever we hear that a new search algorithm has been rolled out we immediately relates it to Google, However this time its Bing’s turn: Microsoft’s search engine announced on “Adaptive Search”– Personalized results, based on the user’s search history.

If this sounds a bit familiar to you, it is because Google already using similar algorithm for a long time now (over two years)… But it is better late than never, right? Anyway, it is suppose to bring Bing users more suitable results by analyzing their search history.

“The More You Search, The More Bing Can Learn”

Bing will gather the user search history for the last 28 days if he isn’t connected to his Bing account or the last 18 months (!) if he is connected and will present him the most relevant results to his personal taste. This means that the more you search on Bing, the more personalized results you will receive.

In a video that has been released by Bing team (watch at the bottom) to explain Adaptive Search furthermore, the Bing team gives an example for Adaptive Search:

When two different taste persons search for “Harry Shum”, Bing knows that one person is more interest about entertainment so the first result will be the actor page of Harry Shum on IMDB, while the first result for the other person will be the Microsoft employee page of Harry Shum, because Bing knows he is interest more in computer science. Pretty impressive…

Bing also stating that it is possible to clear the search history or turn off completely this option. This update will be available over the next couple of days in the US.

Gradually Growing

Bing is showing constant slow growth since its launching and as for this moment its search engine market share is about 30% in the US (Including Yahoo). However, globally its still lagging far behind Google with smaller share (estimated up to 10%). Bing also tries to break into the mobile search (that controlled exclusively by Google) with new mobile features.

Does this kind of updates can firm Bing as a worthy opponent to Google?


Here is the video from Bing team explaining Adaptive Search:

Video: Adapting Search to You