Twitter Presents Web Analytics and Expanding Promoted Tweets

While the social networking battle is in its peak, Twitter establish itself as one of the biggest competitors in this race, making it significant for anyone who work from home. In the last couple of days, Twitter announced two important things: Launching web analytics and Expanding Promoted Tweets.

Twitter Web Analytics

One of the missing parts on Twitter (and actually on almost any other social network) was an effective analysis tool. Therefore, on this July Twitter acquired BackType (social analytics platform) and in the last few days introduced Twitter Web Analytics, which will be available first for few exclusive partners and open for all in the next few weeks.

This product holds 3 major analysis features:

1.  How much your site’s content is being shared on Twitter.

2.  Traffic from Twitter to your website.

3.  Tweet button (on your site) analysis.

I think that this can be a very powerful tool for marketers, that will finally could measure and optimize their campaigns that so far were very difficult to moderate. Another benefit is that Twitter will also release API for developers to integrate it in other products.

Twitter Web Analytics
Twitter Web Analytics Of

Expanding Promoted Tweets

After the new advertising platform Promoted Tweets proved to be friendly and engaging, Twitter is expanding it for the whole network- Meaning, the Promoted Tweets ads will appear at all accounts, no matter if you follow the advertiser or not.

Twitter announced the expansion on a Tweet with a referral to the Promoted Tweets support page and there it is described where can we see the ads: On Twitter search results, on the user’s timeline, on other users account and on 3rd party clients.

I think that it is logical that Twitter is expanding this advertising platform because after all, Twitter is a business that needs to earn! Additionally, I am sure that the company is seeing that Facebook is taking over the social advertising market and they also want piece of the pie.

My only question is, now when its open for all, if Twitter will have an effective targeted algorithm that will attract many advertisers?

Example Of Promoted Tweet Ad
Example Of Promoted Tweet Ad