Can’t Live Without Survey: Internet Connection Over Clean Drinking Water

According to a survey conducted by the Science Museum in London among 3,000 adults examined what they couldn’t live without, it appears that people needs an internet connection more than clean drinking water and Facebook more than flushing toilet…

Although we can’t call it a representative meaningful survey because it was too small and for very targeted crowd (British people), we can learn from it few things about the human consumption nature of our times…

Technology Taking Over

The survey is demonstrating how we take basic commodities for granted while we praise technological services/products. From the top 10 things we can’t live without, we can find 4 things that considered technological luxuries in certain regions of the world: Internet connection (2), Facebook (5), Email (8) and mobile phone/smartphone (10).

It also illustrate how social networking in general and Facebook particularly entered our life and takes central place in it. In this battle at least, Facebook is beating Google which ranked “only” 22nd. In Google’s favor we can say that only 4 things ranked above Facebook, two of them are basic commodities- Sunshine (1) and clean drinking water (3).

Other prominent technological things can’t live without are- “Laptop” (26), surpisingly still “DVD player” (28), “flat screen TV” (31), “eBay” (35), “iPod” (37), “Nintendo Wii” (44), “iPad” (45), “Xbox” (49) and closing the list is Twitter that just celebrated 100 million users.

Can’t Live Without Full List:

1. Sunshine
2. Internet connection
3. Clean drinking water
4. Fridge
5. Facebook
6. NHS
7. Cooker
8. Email
9. Flushing toilet
10. Mobile phone/Smartphone
11. Tea and Coffee
12. Washing machine
13. Shower
14. Central heating
15. Painkillers
16. Fresh vegetables
17. Vacuum Cleaner
18. Kettle
19. Sofa
20. Shoes
21. Fresh fruit
22. Google
23. Car
24. Hair straighteners
25. Public transport
26. Laptop
27. Chocolate
28. DVD Player
29. Wristwatch
30. Make-up
31. Flat screen TV
32. Wedding ring
33. Tumble dryer
34. Bottled water
35. eBay
36. Bicycle
37. iPod
38. Air conditioning
39. Disposable nappies
40. Light bulbs
41. Spell check
42. Sat Nav
43. Push-up bra
44. Nintendo Wii
45. iPad
46. Gym Membership
47. Season ticket to your football club
48. Freezer
49. Xbox
50. Twitter