Adobe Move Forward Towards HTML5 – Presents Flash To HTML5 Software

It seems like Adobe understands where the “wind is blowing” and introduce Flash Media Server 4.5 – Software that can convert Flash contents to HTML5. Adobe is adjusting itself so Apple’s iOS users and others could also consume Flash contents (as HTML5).

Apple: No Flash, Yes HTML5

In 2010, Steve Jobs explained in an interview (watch the video at the bottom) why Apple Doesn’t support Flash in its products that “Flash is a technology that had its day” and “HTML5 is on the ascendancy”. Adobe realized that it can’t afford loosing the iOS market (iPhones, iPads) and tried to improve and efficient its Flash players, but that didn’t convince Apple to change its policy.

The Flash Media Server 4.5 is mostly targeted towards Apple devices and finally provide iOS users the opportunity to watch Flash contents by converting them to HTML5.

(Another) Smart Move Of Adobe

After the unsuccessful efforts to revive Flash, looks like Adobe change its strategy: Instead of trying aggressively improving and “campaigning” Flash against superior technology, Adobe is (apparently) choosing to become a leading HTML5 company- “If you can’t beat them, Join them!”

This isn’t the first move (and most likely not the last) Adobe is making towards HTML5- Last month the company launched Adobe Edge, an HTML5 designing tool. The new Flash Media Server 4.5 will provide Adobe a little more breathing space until the company fully evaluate the Flash VS. HTML5 situation and provide more “permanent” solution (HTML5 Dreamweaver?).

In a world that technologies loose their glory overnight, companies are measured by their constant ability to adopt and renew for remaining relevant. So far, Looks like Adobe is implementing this principle…


Steve Jobs Interview Talking About Flash And HTML5: