Top Ad-Selling Revenue Companies On The Web

Who are the most profitable ad-selling companies on the internet? Does Facebook really put up a competition to Google? And Where is Yahoo and Microsoft stands? Let’s analyze the web money situation (with the help of eMarketer).

Top 5 Ad-selling Companies

The most profitable ad-selling online companies today are (in that order) Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft and AOL. Their total predicted revenue for whole 2011 is $21.2 billion, 24% rise from 2010. These 5 companies makes about 68% from the all ad revenue over the internet and its predicted growing to 72% in 2012.

Top 5 Ad-Selling Companies

Google Dominance

While many tend to compare Google to Facebook (especially after the launch of Google+), there almost not any contest in terms of ad revenue- Google would earn about 6 times more than Facebook in 2011-2012!

We can also see the dominance of Google over the whole web, while it takes bigger and bigger parts of the total ad revenue share: In 2009 it was 34.8%, in 2010 38.5%, in 2011 40.8% and in 2012 it predicted growing to 44.9%

Which Company Is The Fastest Growing?

While in terms of revenue there are no competitors to Google, in terms of growth the story is very different: Facebook average yearly ad revenue growth in 2009-2012 is 76% and predicted to remain the most earning social network in the next few years. Microsoft (thanks to Bing) is the second fastest growing with a yearly average of 31%. Google is third with an impressive yearly average of 22.7%.

Yahoo (-0.8%) and AOL (-4.5%) have negative yearly averages growth between 2009-2012 although that between 2011-2012 they likely to present some positive growth.

Don’t Eulogize Yahoo Yet

Although the weak financial results lately and that Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz was fired, i wouldn’t seal the fate of Yahoo: The company still earns a lot ($3.46 billion in 2011) and predicted to stay stable in 2012.

Total US Online Ad Spending

Until 2015 the total US online ad spending is predicted to continue its increase, however in a slower rate: The big rise of 20.2% in 2011 is predicted to slow down to 8.8% in 2015.

US Online Ad Spending