Wrongfully Using Twitter Can Get You To Prison!

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks for marketing because of its vast popularity and because Twitter users loves to follow brands. However, while you branding and marketing be careful not to Tweet something wrong or you might go to prison!

Too dramatic? Maybe, But its better to be safe than sorry… Apparently, in many countries around the world people get locked up after Tweeting all kinds of stuff. Let’s review some of the incidents:

Guatemala – Arrested For “Inciting Financial Panic”
In 2009, a man in Guatemala was arrested after calling to the customers of Banrural bank to leave it because of corruption and faced 5 years in prison. Eventually went free after the case “lacked merit”.

China – One Year In Prison For “Disrupting The Social Order”
In 2010, 46 years old women in China was sentenced to one year in labor camp after hinting in a Tweet that people should smash some exhibit in a Chinese Expo.

Mexico – Facing 30 Years In Prison For “Twitter Terrorism”
Probably, The most sever case. This August, two people from Veracruz, Mexico “reported” in Twitter about incidents of shooting and kidnapping at a public school, causing a massive panic and car accidents.

USA – Arrested After Threatening Google Vice President
Last month a man from Texas was arrested after Threatening through Twitter (sending 20,000 Tweets!) Marissa Mayer, VP in Google. He is facing up to 5 years in prison.

The Lesson:

All of these cases are demonstrating what tremendous force social networking have in general and Twitter specifically. Twitter can be used for a great marketing campaign, but use it wisely and carefully just like any other media. Being behind bars don’t suit people who work from home…