Bing And Twitter Come To Agreement For Extending Their Deal

Twitter will keep contributing to Bing Social search after Microsoft and the popular micro-blogging social network have come to agreement on extending their deal. As for future Google-Twitter deal, Looks like the two month break-up will continue a little longer…

After the rising concerns that Twitter is close to loose Bing, Carolyn Penner from the PR team of Twitter has announced the extension of the deal with Bing in a creative way- As a discussion on Twitter:

Twitter Press Release
Innovative Press Release

This is a very innovative way to announce anything and i have to say i like it! When Twitter “stole” Carolyn Penner from Google, they had a good reason…

As for the deal details, Both Microsoft and Twitter aren’t disclosing its terms but the rumors on the web are that Microsoft is paying around $30 million per year for the privilege to access Twitter. It is still vague for how long is the deal, except that its a “long term arrangement” (according to Microsoft).

Big Hint For Google

Bing Social Search
For Tweets Search

On the announcement there is a big hint for Google: “Search w/o Twitter = old news.” While Google is preparing to relaunch Realtime, without Twitter and relying mostly on Google+, Twitter sends them a clear message that it won’t be that effective.

Will we see Google and Twitter back together? I am pretty positive that we will: As i mentioned in prior posts, For better effective social search Google needs the Tweets, while Twitter needs the income (which is nothing for Google in terms of money)… But until that will happen, You can use Bing Social for Tweets search.