Why You Shouldn’t Use Pop Up/Under Ads For Your Online Business

Just when i thought the annoying pop up ads phenomenon has been decreased significantly across the web, a new formula of it began to appear this year- Pop under ads. In this post i want to plead and explain to all you online business owners, why you shouldn’t use this kind of dubious advertising.

The concept behind pop under ads is pretty simple: While all web browsers learned to block pop up ads, some geniuses found a new trick- Instead the ad will pop above the page, it will pop under it. Browsers don’t block them and many times users are finding stack of ads they didn’t know of, when they close their pages.

Pop Up/Under Ads
"Yes! So many beautiful ads...!"

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Pop Up And Under Ads

Despicable And Exploitative Way To Shove Advertisements
One of the primary goals of any online business is to earn money. But there is an ethical way to do it and not just shove it through the backdoor. Imagine that the TV would suddenly turn on and broadcast a commercial…

It’s Burdening On Computers
Many of the pop up/under ads contains Flash and videos. It may interrupt to the user’s computer performances, therefore they are necessarily a bad idea.

It Will Make Your Website Unreliable
Most websites that use these kind of ads are unreliable. Apparently, legitimate online businesses know this is bad advertising.

Ruining The User Experience
I will say it plain and simple- Don’t use it unless you want to make your website ugly, unfriendly, annoying and irritating. All the things that Ruins the user experience.

In Summary

If you respect your online business, your visitors and you are seeking long term work from home success, don’t use these cheap methods of advertising, because eventually they will only damage you more than they will help!