Google Cleaning House – Low Demand Products Will Be Shut Down

In an effort to focus on its primary products, Google announced in their official blog the company will close many products with low demand or small client base. Some of these products will be shut down completely and some will be integrated into other products.

Every successful entrepreneur knows that a company needs to adopt itself and its products to market changes in real time. Google, who considered one of the most successful companies in history, proved during its 13 years of existence it can close products and services as easy as opening them.

The latest shutting down move (Google calls it “A fall spring-clean”) is a part of a general strategy to increase the number of developers and engineers that working on primary products. Here are some of the products to be shut down or integrate elsewhere:

Aardvark- The question and answers startup which acquired in 2010 will be closed completely (probably to encourage users to share on Google+).

Fast Flip- Provide easy and fast news browsing on the web. Part of its technology will be integrated in other products.

Notebook- Enables sharing notes and URLs. Will be integrated into Google Docs.

Sidewiki- An addon sidebar where users can comment on pages. Will be shut down for (again) encouraging users to share on Google+.

Subscribed Links- Allowing users to add custom links to their search, which provided by webmasters. Complete shut down.

Will Not Stop Innovate

In the blog post, Google emphasis that it doesn’t mean they’ll stop trying new technologies (which is the oxygen of every technology company), It is just a move for better effectiveness.