The Virtual Workforce And The Work From Home Phenomenon (Infographic)

I found a very interesting survey conducted among executives and human resource managers from the fortune 500 companies about the virtual workforce and the work from home phenomenon.

The findings were posted in a form of infographic (at the bottom) and for your convenience i also transcribed it:

56% of the participants believe that the virtual workforce will increase in their company. 61% believe that their company will let more people work at home in the next 3 years.

60% of office workers uses virtual teaming technologies like texting, messaging and teleconferencing on a daily basis.

53% of CFOs in the US are planning to increase telecommuting at their companies. In Asia, 76% of CFOs are planning to do so.

56% from the decision makers believe that working online makes the employees more productive.

75% of the decision makers and 68% of the end users believe working online is more widely accepted today.

57% of all businesses surveyed reported to allow employees keep flexible hours. 62% reported to have full time or part time home-based workers.

Profile Of US Teleworker (In 2010):

There were 26.2 million US teleworker in 2010, 20% from the total workforce.

56% of the teleworkers were men and 44% women.

7% were 55+ years of age, 42% were between 18-34 years of age and 51% were between 35-54 years of age.

The median age of the teleworker is 40.

24% of teleworkers have high school education or less, 32% have some college or vocational education, 44% are college graduated and 22% are post graduate degree.

Here is the infographic with the survey full findings:

Virtual Workforce and Work From Home Infographic