How To Make Your Website Ugly, Unfriendly, Annoying and Irritating

Creating unique, interesting and contributing content? Too much work… Offering the best resources, insights and analysis? Too much research… Providing a great surfing experience for the users? I prefer squeezing an extra buck… Manipulating and trying dark formulas in the name of rankings and money? Now you are talking!

In this article you will find the “best” ideas to make your website ugly, unfriendly, annoying and irritating! Because working hard and thinking about long-term success it is just too difficult…

Stuff your texts with keywords!

It may be really annoying and unbearable to read by humans, but who needs them anyway? Filling all of your texts with keywords may just work on search bots from 3 years ago!

Say the same thing in multiple versions!

Yes, i know that trying to write genuine interesting content is very hard… But wait! Why don’t you write the same thing over and over again and just change and rephrase few words here and there? If they didn’t understand it the first time, they might understand it after 20 times!

Emphasis your keywords with Bold, Italic and Underline markups!

Bold, Italic and Underline formatting of your keywords are great way to make the search engine rank you higher in those keywords. Users may find it confusing and they won’t understand what you want, but the lovely bots (which really matters) certainly won’t consider it as spam…

Copy content from other websites!

When i think about, why even bother writing your own texts when you can easily just copy content from other resources! Duplicate content? I don’t believe in that… Panda algorithm? Never heard of it…

Fill your website with banners, pop ups and text ads!

This will surely get your more clicks on ads and more money: Insert ads in every possible spot you have! Try that the “real content” won’t bother and take the attention of visitors. Can you believe that there are websites that really concentrate on the content and not on ads? Fools!