AdWords New “Est. Top Page Bid” Segment

After Google presented the “top vs. side” segment on its advertising platform AdWords, The company is now taking it one step forward, announcing on another segment to complete it- “Estimated top page bid”. This will bring you the estimated cost to advertise at the top of the page and not on the side.

Est. Top Page Bid Segment

What Is The Difference Between Top and Side Ads?

There is a fundamental difference between ad appearance above the search results and ad appearance on the side of the search results in terms of click-through rate– Top ads have substantial higher rate! This example demonstrates the ordinary (more or less) click-through rate difference:

Top Vs. Side Ads Click-Through Rate

With the new “Est. top page bid” segment, Google is basically trying to assist you understand better how much to spend for top page ad appearance. I can say from my own experience that it is definitely worth it to conduct a research to find the right affordable keyword to appear above the search results and not on the side.

Pay attention that bidding over the “Est. top page bid” don’t guarantee a top page ad position! There are other factors in consideration like the Quality Score metrics.

Does the “Est. top page bid” segment accurate and can you rely on it?

From the few varied keywords i checked, i think it provides pretty good comprehension about the general cost but it can’t predict exactly the bid. So i wouldn’t say rely on it completely, but it can help you when deciding on your PPC budget of your work from home.

Where and how to find the new segment?

You can define it under the Keywords tab, then Customize Columns and then mark the “Est. top page bid” box.