General Increase Of Social Links/Plugins On The Web (Report)

A recent BrightEdge report analyzed how many websites from the web’s top 10,000 are using social links and plugins today and what are the most popular ones. It also came to some interesting conclusion about websites with the Tweet button…

As stated, the research has examined the top 10,000 websites (quite a fair sample of the web) to find out how many have social links and plugins on their homepage and for which social network, focusing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, a little different from their prior reports which also included YouTube.

Social Links/Plugins On Homepages Rate

53.6% from the web’s top 10,000 have social links and/or plugins. Although it still points out on lack of awareness from many websites about the social media potential, it still shows a respectable increase from 52.8% in a month.

Social Buttons On Sites
Still Shows Lack Of Social Awareness

Most Popular Social Links/Plugins On Homepages

In general, we can see an increase at almost all social networks links/plugins: Facebook is now at 50.3% (from 49.5%), Twitter at 42.5% (from 42.4%), Google+ at 8.1% (from 7.3%) and LinkedIn at 4% (remained unchanged).

Popular Social Links/Plugins
General Increase In All Social Links/Plugins

Pages With Tweet Buttons Have 7 More Times Social Mentions

An interesting Tweet button conclusion also presented in the report: Websites with the Tweet button have 7 more times social media mentions in general. It demonstrate the “willingness” of Tweeter members to share and makes the Tweet button pretty mandatory in every website…

Tweet Button Mentions
Twitter Memebers Shares More