Does Facebook Going To Launch Its Own Music Service?

Facebook Music
The Next Battle?

Does Facebook got jealous from the new Google Music Service and its going to launch its own music feature service? According to the many rumors online, it is going to happen at the annual developers conference of Facebook on September 22nd…

The Rumors

The first rumors began when Facebook launched its video chat service and users have found inside its code a reference to the possibility of a future music sharing. Another rumor came from a CNBC Tweet yesterday, claiming Facebook will launch a music service on September 22nd.

The popular technology blog, Mashable, also claims that Facebook is going to announce it on its developer conference from “two sources familiar with the matter”. According to their post, Facebook will not host music on its own servers, but will use third party partners such as Spotify, Rdio and MOG.

Social Stream

I think that the biggest question right now isn’t if Facebook going to launch some music service and neither even when, because it will probably happened and most likely it will presented on its annual developer conference. I think that the big question is if its just the beginning and Facebook will also intend expanding to other media contents, especially videos.

Google already combining YouTube and Google+ which creates some advantage over Facebook. It will be interesting if Facebook, along its more than 750 million users, will start its own video service…

Meantime, Facebook isn’t revealing anything, telling to Mashable that the company is working with its partners to improve their integration. We will just have to wait patiently for the 22nd of September to the annual Facebook developer conference…