Google Adds Another Reviewing Stage For AdSense Publishers

After Clickbank released new guidelines for vendors and Microsoft updated its quality policy for adCenter, Google decided to improve the quality of its advertising platform for publishers, AdSense, by adding another stage for the publisher’s website reviewing process.

In AdSense official blog, Google announced that from today a second reviewing process will take place instead of just the first one. Until today, to publish AdSense ads on your website you had to sign up for AdSense and after your account has approved, you were free to publish ads on your site. Well, now it will be a little different.

The New Process

From today, a second approving stage has been added. After publishers signs up and get approved (the first stage) they will get access for their AdSense account to create ads. But when they will implement the ad code in their website, only blank ads (that will blend with the page background) will appear. At this point a second and final approval decision will take place and only after that, ads will begin to appear.

Note: Publishers must implement the ad code in their page for the second approval stage will occur.

What’s Behind it?

My opinion is that this move was made mostly to target “AdSense websites”- Websites with the sole purpose of making money from AdSense without providing any real value to the users. These kind of websites distance advertisers that afraid not to receive a proper return for their money. The second stage will help to identify “AdSense websites” and disapprove them.

For those of you who work at home and earn from Google AdSense, i think that this is a good move that will increase the revenue, however it will take a while before showing any significant difference.