Google Music – The Seeds Of Revolution?

Almost in complete silence, in the shadow of Google+ buzz, Google launched in the last couple of weeks its beta version of Google Music. Is it just another nice friendly service from Google or maybe it is the first seeds of revolution?

Music Beta by Google
Your Music Is Always With You

The Concept

Google Music concept is pretty basic- You upload all of your music collection to the service servers, with a mild limitation of 20,000 songs, and you listen to them anytime, anywhere and with any device (smartphone, tablet, PC) you want. Even if you lost your internet connection you will still be able to listen to the recent songs you have played.

I know, i know, it isn’t the first similar service! However, from the last couple of years we have streaming music services, no one manage climbing to the top. So when a company like Google introduces a top class music service of this sort, their only goal is to conquer another industry…

The Beginning Of a Much Bigger Process

Google has a cloud computing vision and even developing an operating system that supports it completely (Google Chrome OS). The company intend to integrate the internet in a bigger part of our lives (yes, more than now!), where we store everything and run everything through cloud computing services online. As i see it, Google Music is just the preview of a much bigger process that will change our regular customs, habits and practices.

Here is a short video introducing Google Music: