Marketing In The Social Media To Different Socio Economic Classes

When marketing your online business on the social media, it is important knowing to which socio economic class you are marketing to. Different classes haves different tastes while browsing through social media sites and even entire different social networks preferences. Maybe i can help you understand better, assisting with this eMarketer survey.

Step 1 – Identify Your Crowd

Realizing to which crowd (socio economic class) you are mostly approach to, is entirely up to you to find out. Use your own logic- If you are trying to sell with your online business expensive furniture for instance, you are probably addressing to higher socio economic classes. It could be also that you are addressing to the general population, without any clear specific crowd.

Step 2 – Choose Your Social Networks

Their are slight differences between different socio economic classes when it comes to social networks preferences:

Social Networks Usage By Socio Economic Class
Affluent classes uses LinkedIn and Twitter much more

While Facebook is sort of a consensus between all social media users and always should be a part of any marketing campaign, it is a little different with other social networks- Higher socio economic classes are using more varied social networks.

The most meaningful social networks i can point out are LinkedIn and Twitter, where higher socio economic classes are using them about twice as much more than the general internet users population. Another significant difference is with Meetup where higher socio economic classes are using it up to four times more than the general population, however its market share is still very small.

Step 3 – Understand Their Reasons

You can see in the survey below that different socio economic classes have different reasons to follow online businesses:

Reasons Following Brands By Socio Economic Class
Affluent classes react more to familiar brands

While the general population mostly like to follow online businesses for deals and discounts, high classes like it less. Also, apparently people from higher classes react to familiar brands better. You are welcome (and even should) make your own conclusions!

Step 4 – Act

After you identified your crowd, chose your social networks and understood what your crowd is looking for, start marketing according to this information!