Leading Countries Of Blog Usage: Japan, South Korea and Brazil

If at least a part of your work at home includes blogging internationally, you should know what are the top blogging markets in the world. According to a report by comScore, the leading countries of blog usage are Japan, South Korea and Brazil.

The countries in the report are ranked by two segments: By average minutes per visit and by percentage of its internet users visiting blogs (reach). Here is the report top blog usage countries rank:

Leading Countries Of Blog Usage

If we combine and calculate the two segment together we can rank the top 3 global blogging  usage markets:

Japan- Ranked first by average minutes per visitor with about 26% advantage from the second place and ranked fifth by reach.

South Korea- Ranked second by minutes per visitor and ranked third by reach.

Brazil- Ranked fifth by minutes per visitor and ranked second by reach.

Although internet users on each country are mostly targeted towards their native language when interacting with blogs, it still point out about their general level of interest to engage with blogs. Therefore, if your blog is in English (Which is spoken in most counties as second language), You have an opportunity to expand your reach to markets with highly engaging internet users.