Interesting Interview With One Of WordPress Developers

Samuel Wood, also known as “Otto”, is one of the core developers of WordPress core. In an interview in San Francisco he is discussing the major changes in WordPress and providing few recommendations for developers. In times where WordPress is powering about 15% of all websites online, i think we should listen to what he has to say…

WordPress Changes and Updates

Otto is discussing that admin section has gone through big changes- Many code lines have been revised for faster loading and hundreds of redundant CSS lines have removed or combined to make the system more efficient. Because of that, it doesn’t support old browsers like IE 6 that lacks compatibility to CSS 2.1 fully or HTML 5. Additionally, the minimum PHP Version to install WordPress is now 5.

During the interview, Otto is also mentioning the new file upload feature for the upcoming WordPress 3.3 version. It will allow faster and easy upload of files using HTML 5 with drag and drop attributes.

An important issue that was fixed and will be presented in WordPress 3.3 is the rewrite permalinks problem that sometimes effected the performances.

Developer Issues
(If you are not a code developer, you probable won’t understand this part)

Otto said that many developers are trying to reinvent the wheel- WordPress already contain better written API than he would have wrote and developers should simply use them, like HTTP API, TRANSIENTS API and more.

He is also recommending on reading many tutorials on using the different functions in WordPress core. You can find many tutorials like these in Otto’s blog Otto on WordPress.


Here is the full interview: